• Product Code: UART to Wi-Fi [LP175]
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Overview of Characteristic

²  Support Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n and BLE5.0 Wireless Standards

²  Based on RISC SOC, 160MHz CPU, 276KB RAM, 2MB Flash

²  Support UART Data Communication with Wi-Fi or BLE

²  Support Wi-Fi STA/AP Mode

²  Support BLE SmartBLELink Config

²  Support Wi-Fi AP SmartAPLink and Sniffer SmartLink Config

²  Support Wireless and Remote Firmware Upgrade Function

²  Support Software SDK for Develop

²  Support Internal PCB or External IPEX Antenna Option

²  Single +5V Power Supply

²  Size:

n  HF-LPB175: 41.3mm x 24.1mm x 6mm,4Pin 2.54mm connectoer

Wireless Standard 802.11b/g/n BLE 5.0
StorageTemp. 40℃- 125℃
Production Data 2020/Q1
Processor RISC CPU
Basic Frequency 160MHz
Operating System FreeRTOS
Temp. Range -40℃- 85℃
Internal Antenna
I-PEX Connector
Size (mm) 41.3mm x 24.1mm x 6mm
Work Voltage 4.7~6V
Current @No data <45mA
Current @Tx Peak <350mA
Resource-Flash 2MB
Resource-RAM 276KB
User Guide
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Application Notes
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