4G DTU Module

4G DTU Module

The Gport-G43 support LTE-TDD, LTE-FDD, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, GPRS full network. 4G network support maximum download data rate 150Mbps, upload data rate 50Mbps. 

The Gport-G43 module connects the serial device to the Internet and conforms to the TCP/IP protocol for transmitting serial data.

  • Remote device monitoring
  • Production asset tracking and monitoring
  • Security field
  • Industrial sensors and controllers
  • Health medical equipment
  • ATM equipment
  • Data acquisition equipment
  • UPS power management equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Data display device
  • Hand-held device
  • Attendance system and terminal equipment

Sizing Table

Name Gport-G43  >>
Image Gport-G43
Basic Frequency Cortex-M3/96MHz
Operating System FreeRTOS
Interface Standard 3.3V UART TTL
Transmit Power LTE-TDD: Class 3(23dBm+1/-3dB) LTE-FDD: Class 3(23dBm±2dB) WCDMA: Class 3(24dBm+1/-3dB) TD-SCDMA: Class 3(24dBm+1/-3dB) GSM900: Class 4(33dBm±3dB) DCS1800: Class 1(30dBm±3dB) GSM900 8-PSK: Class E2(27dBm±3dB) DCS1800 8-PSK: Class E2(26dBm±3dB)
Receive Sensitivity FDD B1: -96dBm(10M) FDD B3: -96dBm(10M) FDD B5: -96dBm(10M) FDD B8: -96.5dBm(10M) TDD B38: -96dBm(10M) TDD B39: -97dBm(10M) TDD B40: -96.5dBm(10M) TDD B41: -96dBm(10M) WCDMA B1: -110dBm WCDMA B8: -111dBm TDSCDMA B34: -109dBm TDSCDMA B39: -109dBm GSM 900M: -109dBm GSM 1800M: -109dBm
Port Number 1
Data Bits 7,8
Stop Bit 1,2
Check Bit None,Even,Odd
Baud Rate 1200 bps~460800 bps
Flow Control No Flow control Hardware RTS/CTS
Input Voltage 5~18VDC(5V/2A or 9V/1A power supply)
Working Current ~300mA@9V 2A peak current
Processor/Frequency Cortex-M3/96MHz
SIM Card Standard SIM card(1.8V/3V)
Size 45mm x 36mm x 8mm
Work Temp. -40 ~ 85°
Storage Temp. -45 ~ 105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH(no condensation)