SMT Package

SMT Package

High-Performance module is launched by high-flying and it supports 802.11b/g/n protocol. Customers do not need to know complex TCP/UDP protocol to achieve devices connection mutually. With High-Performance module, the traditional devices or MCU controlled devices can easily access to the wireless network through UART or 100M Ethernet interface.


  • Support IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standards

  • Support TCP/IP/UDP Network Protocols

  • Support UART/GPIO/Ethernet Data Communication Interface

  • Support STA/AP/AP+STA Mode

  • Support Router/Bridge Mode Networking

  • SDK Provided and Support Secondary Development (A21 and A21-SMT)

  • Support Friendly Web Configuration Page

  • Single +3.3V Power Supply

  • FCC/CE Certificated

  • Sizing Table

    Name A11-SMT  >> HF-A21-SMT  >>
    Image A11-SMT HF-A21-SMT
    Production Data 2011/Q3 2015/Q1(New)
    Key Feature Hardware AP Solution Ethernet Hardware AP Solution Ethernet SDK Support Lower Price
    Processor MIPS MTK MIPS SOC
    Basic Frequency 380MHz 380MHz
    Operating System Ecos Ecos
    Wi-Fi Standard 802.11bgn 802.11bgn
    Certification CE/FCC CE/FCC
    Temp. Range -40~+85 -40~+85
    Internal Antenna
    I-PEX Connector
    Size (mm) 25×40×3 25×40×3
    Package Type SMT26 SMT26
    Work Voltage 3.3V 3.3V
    Current @No data ~180mA ~170mA
    Current @Tx Peak ~400mA ~400mA
    Resource-Flash 1MB/2MB 2MB
    Resource-RAM >1MB 8MB
    Interface-UART 2 2
    AP Mode √(Max 20 STA) √(Max 20 STA)
    STA Mode
    AP+STA Mode
    Wi-Fi Repeater
    Web Server
    OTA Upgrade
    SDK Support