The Elfin-EG1X series support RS232/RS485 to GPRS, Elfin-EG1X unit is a complete solution for serial port device connecting to network. This powerful device supports a reliable and proven operating system stored in flash memory, an embedded web server, a full TCP/IP protocol stack,and standards-based (AES) encryption.

Overview of Characteristic:

  • Support Four Frequency Bands, Global Standard(850/900/1800/1900M Hz)
  • Support GSM/GPRS and 2G/3G/4G CMCC or CUCC SIM Card
  • Support RS232/RS485 to GPRS Data Transmission, Serial Port Speed Up to 460800bps
  • Support Multiple Working Modes: Network Transparent Transmission Mode, HTTP Mode
  • Support IOTService Tool, Remotely and Dynamically Modify Module Parameters 
  • Support SMS AT Command Configuration 
  • Support NTP 
  • Support Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU
  • Support Serial Port, Network OTA Upgrade Firmware.
  • Size: 61 x 26 x 17.8mm
  • 5~18V Wide Power Supply

Sizing Table

Name Elfin-EG11&Elfin-EG10  >>
Image Elfin-EG11&Elfin-EG10
Internet Type GSM/GPRS
Data Rate 85.6Kbps (DL,UL)
Frequency 850/ 900/1800/1900MHz
Multi-Slot Class GPRS Class 12
Terminal Device Class Class B
Coding Schemes CS1,CS2,CS3,CS4
Max Transmit Power GSM850/GSM900: Class 4(2W) DCS1800/PCS1900: Class 1(1W)
Application AT Command
Network Protocol TCP/UDP
Max Link 5
SIM Card 1.8V/3V
Antenna Interface SMA
Port Interface 1
Data Bits 7,8
Stop Bit 1,2
Charity Bit None,Even,Odd
Flow Control No Flow control Hardware RTS/CTS、DSR/DTR Software Xon/ Xoffflow control
Buffer 1400KB
Size 61 x 26 x 17.8mm
Input Voltage 5V~18VDC
Work Current ~300mA
Power GSM 850:82~189mA EGSM 900:83~203mA DCS 1800:78~150mA PCS 1900:78~136mA