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Shanghai High-Flying Launch smart Wi-Fi module support audio codec in the world

  • Date: 2014-03-31
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2014 will open a new era of smart home. There emerged kinds of smart product from Wi-Fi smart plug ,Wi-Fi smart light to heater, water dispenser, coffee machine. All these smart products require to be connected to router and network. However, under the condition that consumers still in confusion about how to figure wireless router, how to connect smart products to network, commonly referred as Wi-Fi codec became the big issue for industrial development. 


The first generation Codec technology: AP mode or WPS


In the first generation, module commonly adopt AP mode, which is wireless router mode to code match. Its disadvantage is user need to switch from different wireless connections when configure password, which requires operator with certain wireless network technique background. For consumers, especially for old people and children, it is difficult to complete the configuration. If adopt WPS, user only need to press WPS key on router and device to complete the configuration. Unfortunately most routers in China don’t have WPS key and the compatibility and interoperability of routers from different manufacturers was not doing well either. So it is very hard to popularization. 


The second generation Codec technology: monitor capture(Smart link) 


The second generation Codec technology need support from Wi-Fi chip manufacturer on bottom level software ,which enables Wi-Fi chip work under monitor capture mode, through smart terminal broadcasting password code and router’s broadcast system to realize the password push between smart terminal and Wi-Fi module. This method is much more convenient for user and has great promotion compared to the first generation. But it requires the compatibility support on phones and routers. For old phones and routers, there is chances of fail to connect. Secondly, it is not very safe and easily been taken advantages by hackers.


The third generation codec technology: audio codec


Shanghai High Flying launched the innovative third generation codec technology: audio Codec technology. Based on audio codec technology, Wi-Fi module do not need enter AP or monitor capture mode, no matter which router and phone or operation system (iOS/Androids) , any smart terminal with speaker can connect with devices quickly ! Furthermore, it has 100% success ratio. 

By adding audio code unit , Wi-Fi mode can receive audio data sent from smart terminal. The application software on smart terminal do audio encoding to the Wi-Fi router password inputted by user and broadcast the audio data with router password. The Wi-Fi module with audio codec unit can receive and analyze the audio data to encrypt the password information, then finally complete the connection to network.


Please refer to below photo for audio codec system, and visit our web for the detail module information. 


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