High-Flying enter into smart lighting market

  • Date: 2014-09-25
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In the beginning of 2014, High Flying organized the first Zigbee wireless test line in China mainland with Marvell and started mass production to supply GE, Bulkin, Cree.  High Flying provide complete smart LED solution, including Zigbee module based on Marvell, WiFi gateway and APP, cloud service.  Marvell have offered great support to High Flying. Mr Yonghua Song ,the global Senior Vice president from Marvell, have visited High Flying many times, while High Flying manage team have also visited Marvell headquarter many times and established global strategy partnership in smart LED business field. High Flying is the solo technique partner of Marvell in smart lighting field and provide Marvell total service including module, gateway, cloud and APP.                                        

In the last one year, High Flying invested huge manpower and material resource, especially in the investigation of Zigbee technology. Lately we will launch a demo of smart LED targeted on domestic market. The solution is jointly developed by Marvell ,Baidu and High Flying, which combined sensor technology and able to dim light automatically based on the environment or by the wall-mount-button or APP.  For smart LED, LED is among the most importance. High Flying design and work with the leading manufacturer in mainland, provide the easiest mass production solution for customer. Our development kits and samples will be available in October.