High-Flying embedded Wi-Fi module support quick smart link function

  • Date: 2013-11-14
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IOT revolution enables more new devices connect to home network and cloud server through Wi-Fi. But for most  terminal devices without keyboard or touch screen as household electronic appliance, light, thermostat, etc, how to connect them to Wi-Fi network is the biggest obstacle to the wide spreading of home product connection. To connect these products worked under STA mode with network, you have to complete network configuration. The configuration require operators have wireless network background. For most IOT devices without keyboard or touch screen, it is too hard for user to complete the configuration without operation interface and lack of sufficient feedback mechanism and diagnostic method.

Targeting this market demand, HF realized quick smart link based on self-developed processor MC1O1. Under STA mode, Wi-Fi module can quickly and correctly link to appointed router to realize one-step online.

Compared with similar application, the smart network system have the characteristics of fast(5-8 seconds to link) and accurate (intelligent error correction and data pre-analysis)

Now HF-LPB100,HF-LPT100,HF-LPB200 series module already support this function. HF provide Android/iOS API interface ,source code and samples for customer’s fast integration. Please visit download center to acquire: