Wi-Fi Sip Chip(”Zero”External)

Wi-Fi Sip Chip(”Zero”External)

The Wi-Fi sip chip is designed to support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n single stream with the state of-the-art design techniques and process technology to achieve low power consumption and high throughput performance.The SIP WLAN low power function uses the innovative design techniques and the optimized architecture which best utilizes the advanced process technology to reduce active and idle power, and achieve extreme low power consumption at sleep state to extend the battery life. The SIP WLAN embedded all matching components, needed bypass cap, 16Mb flash, and 26MHz crystal in a BGA 6×6 mm package.


  • Support 802.11b/g/n/e/i/d Wireless Standard

  • AP/STA Mode,Soft-AP

  • Support 802.11b,11g and 802.11n 1T1R

  • Short Guard Interval

  • Greenfield Mode² RIFS in RX Mode

  • STBC in RX Mode

  • Embedded all Matching and Bypass Components

  • Embedded 26MHz Crystal

  • Embedded 16Mbit FlashEmbedded LPB120 Module Function, Support SDK for Secondary Development

  • Sizing Table

    Name HF-SIP120  >>
    Image HF-SIP120
    Production Data 2016/Q4
    Key Feature Low Power SDK Support SmartLink Config Small Size Lowest Price Zero External
    Processor ARM7
    Basic Frequency 96MHz
    Operating System Contiki
    Wi-Fi Standard 802.11bgn
    Temp. Range -20~+85
    Size (mm) 6mm×6mm BGA package
    Package Type BGA package
    Work Voltage 2.95~3.6V
    Current @No data ~30mA
    Current @Tx Peak ~280mA
    AP Mode
    STA Mode
    OTA Upgrade
    Smart Configure SmartLink V7.X APP
    Airkiss Configure
    SDK Support