Embedded Linux Networking Server

Embedded Linux Networking Server

Linux super ethernet port module is IOTWORKSHOP most powerful features embedded device networking module, Linux super ethernet port module simplifies the products network function design, users can use it to quickly complete the networking function of embedded devices, Saving a lot of manpower and resources、Development time、post-maintenance costs.

Characteristic :

  • MIPS MCU with 16MB Flash and 32MB SRAM
  • Use Linux Operation System
  • Support TCP/IP/Telnet /Modbus TCPProtocol
  • Support Serial To 10/100M Ethernet Conversion, Serial Speed Upto 460800 bps
  • Support 10/100M Ethernet Auto-Negotiation
  • Support Easy Configuration Through a WebInterface
  • Support Security Protocol Such As SSL/AES/DES3
  • Support  Web OTA Wirelss Upgrade
  • Single +3.3V Power Supply

Sizing Table

Name Eport Pro-EP20  >>
Image Eport Pro-EP20
System Information
Processor/Frequency MIPS/320MHz
Flash/SDRAM 16MB/32MB
Operating System Linux
Port Number 1 RJ45 with LED
Interface Standard 10/100 Base-T Auto-Negotiation
Protection 2KV Isolation
Network Transformer Integrated
Network Protocol IP,TCP,UDP,DHCP,DNS,HTTP Server/Client,ARP, BOOTP, AutoIP, ICMP,Web socket, Telnet, FTP,TFTP, uPNP, NTP, SNMP,Modbus TCP
Security Protocol SSL v3(2048)、 AES 128Bit、3DES、 SHA-1、MD5、Base-64、RSA、ECC
IPV6 Support Support
Port Number 1 + 1 debug
Interface Standard 3.3V TTL: 2 wire(TX,RX)
Data Bits 7,8
Stop Bit 1,2
Check Bit None,Even,Odd,Space,Mark
Baud Rate TTL: 600 bps~460800bps
Flow Control No Flow control Hardware RTS/CTS、DSR/DTR Software Xon/ Xoffflow control
Web Pages Http Web Configuration Customization of HTTP Web Pages
Log Remote Realtime Log
Configuration Web CLI XML import Telnet IOTManager PC Software
PC Config Tools IOTManager PC Software
SDK For Dev. Support
Basic Parameter
Size 50x 23x 11mm
Operating Temp. -45 ~ 70°C
Storage Temp. -45 ~ 105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH(no condensation)
Input Voltage 3.3V
Working Current ~200mA
Power <700mW
Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS